Idler Bearing Housing Manufacturer

Idler Bearing Housing Manufacturers in Hari Nagar

J. R. Steel Company has acquired an eminent name for being Idler Bearing Housing manufacturers and suppliers. Sourcing highest grade Mild Steel from reliable vendors across the nation and deploying latest technologies in fabrication, the company engineers a wide range of Idler Bearing Housing at par with industrial standards and clients’ specific needs. Automatic presses and allied machinery is put to application with to press the steel strips deep within it to attain a perfect shape and size of Idler Bearing Housing

The tolerance of the strip allows a perfect match between the relevant sealing parts and the bearing, hence, resulting a perfect Idler Bearing Housing.Welding together two bearing housings with the roller shell result in exceptional strength of monolithic structure named Idler Bearing Housing.Engineered by a team of talented and experienced engineers and quality confirmed by noted inspectors, these Idler Bearing Housing leave not a single aspect of being perfect. Being reasonable in rates and available within least possible time, the company designed Idler Bearing Housing have satisfied a large clientele from across the nation.

Specifications of Idler Bearing Housing:

Possess an inner diameter of 52mm

Outer diameter is of 72mm

Smooth finish and resistance to rust/ corrosion

Available in customized designs

6205 is the suitable bearing number